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Iaso Tea is a gentle tasting tea derived from all natural, natural plants and herbs. Genuinely formulated to carefully cleanse digestive system and detoxify your entire body while experience weight-loss. Our unique combination is designed for those with very sensitive systems, adding known ingredients help ease the upper and lower digestive track.

Iaso Tea offers a special blend of all-natural ingredients designed to produce spectacular results, prompting many to refer to it as a “miracle tea.”


WAIT! I've Done Other Diets & They Have Not Worked?

Silk and smooth skin

I KNOW. No seriously, I do. The reason I started TLC (Total Life Change) was the fact I was overweight.

It got to THAT point, and I was NOT happy with myself. I've tried all the diets out there religiously and they personally haven't worked for me. BUT TLC has been the only one that makes me feel great and I'm losing around 2/3 pounds a day. FACT. So far I've done ___ weeks and I'm down a size in jeans already! The image on the left is not me, but she has lost 2st 1 lbs in 14 days. Wow, right?

Lose weight effectively

You know the feeling, its December 29th and your New Year resalution is ... wait for it.... To lose weight. Dont do it.

It doesent work. It adds to much pressure to you and if your like me, you cant resist a Kebab! Now im not saying you should eat one everynight as with the TLC philosophy you need to eat the right foods to. But you dont need to starve your self or every days treats.

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